A couple of years ago, we made a rather spontaneous investment in yoga mats and we’ve not regretted it one bit. Armed with a handful of yoga videos from trusted Yogi’s, we enjoy anywhere between 10 to 30minutes of blissful practice in the comfort of our flat at least once a week.

Our practice started out in the form of a relaxation technique to quieten our minds before hitting the hay. But since then, it’s developed into much more than that and depending on the type of yoga we choose, it provides us with a method of:

  • Energising ourselves on a sleepy Sunday morning;
  • Transitioning from work to a relaxed evening at home with each other;
  • Resetting our day if it’s not gone to plan. Much like a shower can reset a morning;
  • Stretching out our bodies after a day slumped at our desks;
  • Toning our core; and (above all!)…
  • Focusing our mind. Those holds in Yin Yoga take mental endurance!

Our go to Yogi is Annie Clarke of Mind Body Bowl. Her videos have really clear instruction and there’s great variety, perfect for a beginner or advanced yoga lover alike. Here are our five favourite videos, which we keep coming back to:

Perfect for sleep:

To motivate us in the morning:

A reset for the day:

A stretchy one:

Great for the core and to concentrate the mind: