So you may or may not be aware that I’m currently doing an 8 week No Sugar Challenge, currently in week 4. Again, you may also be aware (or not) that I am a HUGE sugar fiend. I love chocolate. I love cake and I love biscuits. But I’ve come to realise that sugar is something that I should not love. It is most definitely a substance which I am addicted to and which I’m trying to wean myself off.

If you’re still undecided about sugar, here’s one film that you should watch (go on, I dare you!)

How am I finding the Challenge So Far?

Week 1 was easypeasy. After a heavy Christmas of chocolate and other delicious stuff, I think my body quite enjoyed the detox and I found week 1 very easy to say ‘no’ to biscuits being waved under my nose by my boss. Either my body was happy to be on a detox…. Or I had enough residual sugar in my system to carry me through to week 2!

Week 2 was more of a struggle, but again I managed to avoid anything which had more than 4g of sugar in 100g. By the way, 4g is 1 teaspoon. Sarah Wilson says that we shouldn’t have more than 6-9 teaspoons of sugar in a day.That’s still quite a lot, and hard to reduce down if you stick to your box of cereal, a chocolate bar, a can of coke, handful of grapes and chicken korma (I shudder to think how much sugar is in all of that)!

By the end of week 3, I was struggling and was using the tactic of treating myself to milky coffees to make me feel like I was having something just as yummy as a Dairy Milk bar. But what really got me, was visiting a friend and watching Bridget Jones Baby, where I devoured a square of dark chocolate, and topped my porridge off with some honey (also a no no in Sarah’s challenge). But I felt like I was in control, and that it was my choice. Or so I told myself.

And by the end of week 4, I cracked. I couldn’t ignore the biscuits in the office and had a few. I also had a square of 85% dark chocolate. Unfortunately, whilst doing the challenge, the chocolate isn’t allowed. But when sustaining a no or low sugar diet, dark chocolate (anything from 70% and above) is OK, in moderation.

I think my weakness in week 4 was due to the fact that I’d been having porridge with honey (it was for medicinal purposes after getting a sick bug last weekend), and I think this heightened my cravings making it harder to resist the biscuits.

What am I going to do to make the remaining weeks a success?

I’m going to keep following Sarah’s weekly advice in her book and will be making some treat recipes from her book so that when I fancy something ‘sweet’ I can hopefully satisfy those cravings with something that doesn’t break the rules. The other day, I made this yummy bark (with peanut butter) which helps to fill you up and quieten the sugar noise. It does definitely work.

I’m also going to make a conscious effort to drink more water. I think this is a big problem of mine. I opt all too easily for coffee and should seek out water more.

I am also in need of changing my mindset. I need to stop seeing sugar as a treat. I need to stop seeing it as something that is delicious. Sugar is a silent killer and it shouldn’t be something that is praised for being yummy. Instead, I need to find other ways to treat myself, like buying and enjoying a new type of tea, or running myself a long bath etc.

I welcome any tips that you might have for how you quieten your cravings!