So we’re one month into the year, and it’s time to do that review we promised.


Read 20 books or more

She’s read 4 books! Check out her GoodReads.

Create more, consume less, recycle more

Vicky is using her reusable mug for her daily Pret coffee. This along with now having filter coffee (reducing the waste from not having milk) has also reduced her cost from £2.20 per drink to 49p per drink. Bonus!

She has also cleared out her personal email, a la inbox zero.


Do a one week fast

I’ve not yet handed in my form to register at the local doctors, which is the next step for sure! (Yes yes, we’ve been living here a year and a half and I’ve still not registered…).

Reduce and simplify

I wrote a blog post. I need to fix a Google Photos for Vicky.


Get healthier in eating

Not done too badly on the healthier eating front, although perhaps we’ve had a few too many meals out…but they were with lovely friends, so that’s ok! We’ve avoided puddings at these which is a good step for us.

Vicky has done relatively well with reducing her sugar intake, although she struggles when cake/biscuits/chocolates are around in long meetings or if frustration with work kicks in!

Go on a micro adventure once a month


We’ve also got some others in the diary, and created an Adventure Google Doc, including a long weekend in the Lakes (March) and another in Snowdonia (May, a week after another week in the Cairngorms).

Talking of the Cairngorms, check this out:

Exercise four times a week (TAC, Row, Kettlebell Swings, Yoga, Climbing)

Mostly. We’ve got a year calendar on the wall in the lounge (see Don’t Break The Chain) that shows the exercise we do.