Stolen from Vicky, who stole it from Austin Kleon. Some overlap likely, hers is MUCH better. Read that instead.

  1. Getting married to Vicky.
  2. All those who came on my Stag.
  3. Going to Skye with a wonderful group of friends.
  4. Getting a digital picture frame. Much better than I anticipated it would be.
  5. Getting our finances under much more control. Should help with a move to Scotland one day.
  6. Kicking off the process to change my career direction.
  7. Reading many books on mountaineering, and using Anki to learn specific skills (technically, I’ve not actually finished any of these books yet… have about 8 on the go).
  8. Getting ready with Vicky for our February Winter trip.
  9. Using White Noise for improved sleep (it works, blog post coming).
  10. Starting to experiment with fasting, specifically I.F.
  11. Starting to use Google Photos.
  12. Mum and Dad moving house.
  13. My photography at the Oxford Playhouse.
  14. Getting into colour photography, and the results being actually pleasing.
  15. Starting to go climbing with Vicky – we’ve been talking about it for ages, but Glenmore in February pushed us to finally do it.
  16. Being stupid with Vicky
  17. Surprise birthday party that Vicky organised!
  18. Mum and Dad getting a dog.
  19. Going to Venice on the sleeper train
  20. Finding out soon after going Cruise Ships got banned from Venice
  21. The Da Vinci museum in Venice (Thanks Ollie, it mostly makes up for the Stag)
  22. Watching Meru.
  23. Vicky taking me to see Kasabian!
  24. Everything I’ve learnt in The Walker’s Guide to Outdoor Clues and Signs by Tristan Gooley.
  25. Snow over the winter, and going to Brecon Beacons.
  26. Playing Zelda on the Switch. So many memories!
  27. Deciding to rekindle our wedding website into a blog (how is it going so far? Comment below!?)